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The Developer

Hanover Property CompanyHanover Property Company has strategically identified the middle-market, second-time home buyer, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as the opportunity niche for high quality residential developments.

Discriminating buyers in this niche have the financial wherewithal to afford the long-term upkeep of a quality neighborhood, and the stability to ensure its lasting value.

With home prices in the niche ranging from $150,000 to $600,000, competitive options abound. So, to differentiate our developments and ensure long-term market acceptance, Hanover concentrates on emerging submarkets within the greater Metroplex, where growth patterns suggest an increased traffic flow.

Once a property has been identified, we proceed to over-deliver in our infrastructure and environmental build-out. This deliberate approach to framing the neighborhood has consistently distinguished our properties as developments of lasting value competitively positioned for peak marketability.